offer something fresh


Sweet spreads are hugely popular at weddings, as couples are wanting to offer their guests something different than the traditional stacked wedding cake. From cookies to tarts to donuts, we can put together a dessert bar that will fit your budget and your tastes. 


sweets for every palate


A dessert bar is a great way to offer your guests a wide variety of sweets and goodies and satisfy everyone. Most popular are mixed fruit tarts, and most decadent are individual serving Death by Chocolate - a Chocolate Lover's Dream! 

goodies to grab and go


You and your guests will be able to dance all night and graze the goodies without missing a beat. Pop and go! Our French Macarons are the perfect sandwich cookie mix of a light crunchy shell with a chewy center. Get a rainbow of flavors: raspberry, lemon, chocolate, pistachio, and blackberry.   

satisfy your cravings


In love with the classics? We got you covered. One of our favorites is rich, cream-filled cannoli. Add these to your spread and you won't be able to keep your guests away.

sharing with those you love


We also are now offering Donut Bars! From Salted Caramel to Chocolate Fudge to Raspberry Lemon, our mouth-watering flavors will have your guests drooling! Add donuts to your dessert spread and build a donut feast like no other!     

stick with tradition


Cupcakes still haven't lost their appeal. And we do plenty of them. They aren't just for rustic, low-key weddings either. Create a classy display with platters and pedestals to show off your cupcakes topped with fresh fruit, or dainty handmade flowers. 

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